Contributions of Material

First of all, thank you for your interest.


Contributions of Material

These Nike-Hercules Alaska webpages were created with the intent to preserve for posterity the flavor of the experiences of the men that served in this important role during the Cold War. It is only through the contributions of photographs, historical or material information, or personal anecdotes by Alaska Nike veterans that this mission will be accomplished. I have put together the framework but filling it out is necessarily a group effort. All contributions of material are welcome and gratefully received and will be incorporated into the appropriate webpage solely at the editor's (my) discretion. Permission for the editor to use submitted photographs or other material on these webpages is implied by its submission.

I have given much thought to the question of giving credit for contributed material by mentioning the names of contributors in the webpages, and I would consider it very appropriate and necessary to do so if this were a printed publication of limited and/or compensated distribution. However, considering that the possible exposure of internet-published documents numbers in the tens or hundreds of millions, some common sense security considerations must be made.

A number of corespondents have expressed the strong desire to remain anonymous (as do I) and I must honor that request. In the interest of uniformity, efficiency, and the desire to avoid confrontations (and to err on the side of safety) I will therefore make it a blanket policy that no names are mentioned. Credit for contributed material will be given as to anonymous donors, and photographs showing the faces of individuals will only be used spariningly. This is the only fair and efficient way to handle this.This project is necessarily a group effort and a labor of love and that fact should be obvious to the reading public.

I hope you will understand my concerns in this area and respect the reasons for it. Thank you.

- Juliet Tango Sierra
January, 2005

Editor's Note 29 December, 2011

It has now been 8 years and six days since I introduced the first of the NikeAlaska webpages. In the interrim I have learned a tremendous amount of this history thanks to the many fine contributors and acquaintances, new and old, that responded out of the blue to the call.

To my great pleasure, this little project resulted in the reconnection of many old friends that otherwise would never have found each other as well as the enlightenment of many to the fading knowledge of the Nike mission in Alaska. And now, with the filling out of the last of them (Site Love) I consider this mission accomplished and concluded and have withdrawn my contact information.

Once again, I offer a big Thank You to the many contributors over the last eight years. All my best to you and yours!

- Juliet Tango Sierra
December, 2011

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